PSU Students Get into Top 50 World Programmers Teams

As a result of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Championship Finals, the students of Perm State University have entered Top 50 best teams in programming, taking 46th place out of 115 teams.

A team from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, PSU named Bagels consisted of 3 students – Alexander Tsaplin, Dmitry Sidorenko, Dmitry Buzmakov, and Mikhail Lizunov, team coach.

At the competitions, participants were required to write a program code to solve complex algorithmic problems and teamwork skills within limited resources and time: a computer and a set of tasks that needed to be solved in 5 hours.

“We got positive emotions from the Contest, and achieved the goal we had set for ourselves. For two participants, this was the first time in the finals, so they feel more experienced now. The tasks were diverse and, most importantly, could find applications in real life – like generating a landscape, matching maps with marks on the globe, or improving robots’ movements,”

says Mikhail Lizunov, team’s coach.

As part of the World Championship final for participants and team coaches, the ICPC Challenge was held with the support of Huawei. Alexander Tsaplin, a member of the Bagels team, a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, PSU was announced a winner of the challenge.

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