See Russian Countryside with PSU Alumni in Journalism!

Alsou Kasimova, a graduate in Journalism, Perm State University, has started her own video channel “My Country Home”. Today, she has published her first video, titled “Homecoming in a Summer Fairy Tale”.

“I have been thinking about creating my own channel on rural aesthetics for a long time,” Alsou confirms. “This year, I have graduated the Faculty of Philology, and decided to arrange my last summer vacation. So, it seems like a right moment for the start, for I have enough time and strive for it.”

“For me, summer is always associated with childhood. Probably, every summer vacation I visited my grandmother’s village. Even now, as an adult, I still have this thrill of returning to my homeland,” Alsou recollects.

Built over 60 years ago, Alsou’s family house is located in a far Russian village of Yuski, in the Udmurt Republic. Alsou’s grandmother has been living in that house almost her life. The family has a little farm and a garden, four sheep, a flock of chickens, five cats and a dog.

“My favorite place in our house is the summer room. This is my sanctuary, a place that fully fits my aesthetic,” Alsou says. “My channel will talk about life in a country home. If you, like me, being in the city, miss nature and countryside, then here you can enjoy this atmosphere!”

Alsou plans to promote her project, and maybe turn it into business someday. For now, she sees it as a chance to improve her shooting and story-telling skills. Interested in Russian language and country life? Learn cats’ and dog’s names, which Alsou mentions in her video:

Myshka = Mouse;
Plusha = Bun, or Fluffy (depends on a context);
Knopochka = Snappy, or Girlie (homonyms in Russian);
Kolobok = Roly-Poly;
Barsik = Tigger, or Panther Cub;
Druzhok = Friend.

“Addressing the foreign audience, I would like to tell my native citizens how village life could be colorful and full of sense, showing it in a positive, aesthetical way,” Alsou confesses. “I was also thinking, if Russian and Udmurt words could be of an interest to our audience.”

To remind, the Faculty of Philology at Perm State University, teaches various professions, to mention brand managers, journalists, press-secretaries, producers, copyrighters, TV- and radio staff, librarians, teachers of Russian, philologists, publishers, content managers, speech and script writers, bloggers.

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