Study Ecology at PSU, Get New Career Opportunities!

Interested in ‘green’ career, cooperating with famous enterprises? Attracted by eco-friendly technologies, recycling industries and waste management? Searching for positive win-win solutions in ecology?

The Faculty of Geography, PSU, offers a profile “Ecological Engineering and New Energetics” within a 4 years’ bachelor’s course in Ecology and Nature Management, for the study year 2020-2021.

The program is run by a highly qualified team of professors and enables the use of top-level equipment and labs, with a practice-oriented approach. The program schedule includes joint projects, research activities and working placement internships.

«We would be glad to see international students at the Faculty of Geography. Every year, we prepare high level specialists in environmental engineering, allowing them to fulfil their potential further, in Russia and abroad»

says Andrey Zaytsev, Dean of the Faculty of Geography, PSU

Three entrance tests are Geography, English and Russian languages. All the international students are required to enroll for a preliminary 10-month course in Russian language before they start their studies. This is a common requirement to get an international student visa in Russia.

The PSU course in Ecology covers the rational use of traditional and alternative energy sources, development of science and research base of environmental rate setting, as well as methods and tools of protection against negative physical, chemical and biological factors.

Undergraduate students study a variety of disciplines, to name Mathematics, History, Informatics, Logics, Economics, Sociology and Systems Theory, as well as natural sciences – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Geography and Geology.

The course subjects include:

  • Geochemistry;
  • Nature Management;
  • Applied Ecology;
  • Ecological Management and Audit;
  • Industrial Systems and Ecological Risks;
  • GIS in Ecological Engineering;
  • Ecological Monitoring;
  • Ecological Projects and Expertise;
  • Rate Setting of Atmospheric Pollution;
  • Rate Setting of Wastes;
  • Rate Setting of Water Pollution;
  • New Energetics and Environment;
  • Basics of Wind Power;
  • Basics of Solar Power;
  • Basics of Energetic of Water and Internal Parts of the Earth.

Ecological aspects of economy are considered as a necessary condition for achieving world sustainable development. A modern environmental management system follows the principles of environment protection, energy and resources efficiency.

A certified ecologist demonstrates competencies in management and rational use of natural resources, green engineering and environment. He or she performs a variety of tasks, like creating and introducing sources of alternative and traditional energy.

Graduates in ecology get job offers in environmental management and planning of energy systems, construction, industry and agriculture, etc. Ecologists’ competences are in high demand by governmental bodies, enterprises, industries and production companies, research centers and institutes.

For further information, please contact: +7 342 239-65-82

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