Sunny Weather, Media and Voices Off-Line: PSU Greets Delegation from Kyrgyzstan

On 27 April, a delegation from the Kyrgyz Republic has paid a visit to Perm State University (PSU), discussing the challenges of media literacy, youth initiatives and university community.

The University offered a one day intense schedule for the visitors, including communication with PSU teaching fellows and activists, a visit to the Univer-TV Studio, University radio and student media center, department of public relations and press office. They peeped in a local broadcasting session and walked around the campus. The visit to PSU allowed the Russian and Kyrgyz colleagues to discuss common issues and plan further academic and practical cooperation.

“While our colleagues from Kyrgyzstan have planned a visit to several Russian faculties of journalism, Perm State University became the only local-based institution, from the thick of the country,” – admits Ivan Pechishchev, associate professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, PSU. “Our colleagues included Perm into their agenda specifically to study our approaches and methods of teaching, knowing about the student initiatives and the university support. I am glad our colleagues did highly appreciate our media practices.”

The delegation from Kyrgyzstan included representatives of several known institutions, to mention the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Osh State University, the “School of Data” Public Foundation, Bishkek Humanitarian K. Karasayev University, Kyrgyz National Zhusupa Balasagyna University, Kloop Media Public Foundation, American University of Central Asia.

The Kyrgyz colleagues asked a lot of questions, showing interest in program topics and formats of activity. In response, they shared their own ideas and best practices, as well as the progress of those projects launched previously with the participation of Perm State University.

The Faculty of Philology, PSU is known for its fruitful cooperation with CIS partners. For several years, Ivan Pechishchev has been acting as a mentor for the Media and Social Innovation Lab, addressing representatives of the media industry, IT companies and NGOs in Central Asia, allowing to bring those best insights and media practices to local communities, acquiring to overall civil progress and sustainable development.

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