PSU Starts Classes Offline and On-Campus, Gradually

According to an official order by PSU Rector, workshops using laboratory equipment or related software for full-time students, including college students, will be held on Perm State University campus, since 17 January. Classes in sport athletics will also be held in full-time format.

Students doing master degrees will study in a mixed mode: an individual learning format will be set for each study group, depending on course disciplines. Part-time, external and graduate students will continue their classes in an online format.

Since 24 January, first and final year undergraduate and specialty students, as well as first year college (pre-university) students are supposed to switch to full-time format. The final decision on that will be based on accordingly, upon the first stage initial feedback and epidemiological situation in the region.

Checking online individual student plans is advised.

“For quite a while, we have been planning a switch to off-line studies. I understand that many students have not been in full-time class for about two years, already. To make this transition more even, and give students enough time for preparation, we have decided to do it in several steps. I am sure that even those who had been comfortable with distance learning, will enjoy a real university vibe after getting back to campus,”

comments Dr. Dmitry Krasilnikov, PSU Rector.

Prior to off-line studies renewal, the emergency alert system has been tested at PSU. The test involved University staff and students, with a participation by law enforcement agencies and PSU Student Union representatives.