PSU Biologists Explore Microbiology, Genetics and Biomedicine, Unite Scholars Global Wide

The Faculty of Biology at Perm State University (PSU) has run the 13th International Conference of Biologists “Symbiosis-Russia ’2022” as part of the “Science and Global Challenges in the 21st Century” Inter-University Forum. The Conference united scholars from Afghanistan, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, USA and Uzbekistan.

In total, the Conference participants presented more than 180 reports in microbiology, biotechnology, biomedicine, genetics, botany, zoology, plant physiology, soil science, ecology and nature management.

Key speakers included:

Other international participants included:

On behalf Perm State University, two PSU scholars spoke in the Springer section – Danila Apushkin, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Pharmacology and Evgenia Akhremenko, a researcher at the Laboratory of Experimental Pharmacology, Faculty of Chemistry, PSU.

“The geography of the Conference participants covered, with no exception, all regions of Russia, and over 45 cities: from Kaliningrad to the Far East, from Arkhangelsk and St. Petersburg to Rostov-on-Don and Pyatigorsk,” says Mikhail Lyamin, Deputy Dean for Research, Faculty of Biology, PSU.

18 reports in English have been presented at the Conference. Meeting the requirements of the publishers and related ethics, the speakers’ papers have been checked for plagiarism, double-blind peer reviewed by foreign and Russian scholars, and, keeping in mind their relevance, original character and impact – recommended for publishing in the “Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems” series at the SpringerLink digital library, and indexed in Scopus

PSU Scholars Regard Economics Under Uncertainty, Raise International Discussion

The 2nd International Scientific and Practical Conference GE-2022 “Economics in the Context of Global Challenges: Realities and Forecasts” by the Faculty of Economics, PSU, took place as a part of inter-university Forum “Science and Global Challenges in the 21st Century”.

The Сonference covered key aspects of modern economy facing the issue of global uncertainty – allowing speakers to share their vision of the challenge and extrapolate prospects on management, marketing, innovation, finance, forensic and audit, economic security and international integration, Big Data, cryptoeconomics and blockchain.

Tatyana Mirolyubova, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, PSU, accompanied by her colleague Dmitry Koshcheev from the Department of World and Regional Economics, Economic Theory, shared a systemic and agglomeration approach in interaction of an industrial cluster and a territory. Professor Tatyana Sheshukova regarded the impact of shadow economy on the integrated security of an enterprise.

PSU economists Mikhail Gorodilov, Tatyana Pashchenko and Tatyana Ketova presented their study “The Development of Production, Technology and Accounting: the Interconnection and Interdependence”. Galina Modorskaya and her colleagues reflected upon the growing popularity of distance learning among students in Russia under the COVID-19 pandemic, while Svetlana Zhukovskaya and Tatyana Pashchenko addressed the economic indicators of sustainable development update for an enterprise.

The Conference included a section on Marketing Transformation in a Globally Changing Economy, attended by leading Russian and international experts, including partners from Uzbekistan. For further info on this section, please see here. The Conference materials had been double-blind peer-reviewed by international and Russian scholars, and checked for plagiarism according to the required standards, with further results to be published by the Springer book series “Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems”, and placed in the digital library.

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