Visioning New Economics – Eco-Friendly, Local-Based, Global-Wide

On 10-11 February, PSU scholars contributed to Perm Winter School’2023, titled “Low-Carbon Economy and Decarbonization”. The School united related scholars and practicing experts in a set of workshops and research reports, as well as a case-championship in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) – heading to a sustainable future through industrial adaptation to climate change. 

The School key speakers were Anna Romanovskaya, Director, Yu.A. Israel Institute of Global Climate and Ecology, and Nikita Vorobyov, Director in Ecology and Climate, NLMK Group made presentations on climate agenda and carbon footprint, enterprise ESG transformation and industrial decarbonization – aiming to review possible local scenarios, globally.

“Since the first School in 2011, the topic has been evolving year by year, the discussion of progress,  climate change and risk management remaining its core line,” comments Sergey Ivliev, Head of the Laboratory of Cryptoeconomics and Blockchain Systems at PSU, fintech entrepreneur. “For me, the School has become a meeting place with like-minded people, promoting dialogue in cutting-edge ideas.”

In 2023, Perm School was run by the Laboratory of Cryptoeconomics and Blockchain Systems, Faculty of Economics, Perm State National Research University (PSU), and Perm National Research Polytechnic University with the support by Vlinder.

Two key speakers represent NLMK Group and Yu.A. Israel Institute of Global Climate and Ecology. The first one is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality steel products with a vertically integrated business model – incorporating raw material extraction and production in low-cost regions, and manufacture in close proximity to key consumers of Russia, North America and the EU. Yu.A. Israel Institute of Global Climate and Ecology studies global and regional climate changes, caused by human and natural factors; their environmental, social and economic consequences, as well as opportunities for the adaptation and control. The Institute actively cooperates with international organizations at monitoring and supporting ecosystems.

Perm Winter School unites students, teachers and industry representatives addressing complex problems in pop-science format. The School committee sees its mission in creating ties between the academy and the industry, encouraging students to participate. Previous schools brought together more than 3,000 participants representing leading universities and organizations from around the world.

PSU Scholars Regard Economics Under Uncertainty, Raise International Discussion

The 2nd International Scientific and Practical Conference GE-2022 “Economics in the Context of Global Challenges: Realities and Forecasts” by the Faculty of Economics, PSU, took place as a part of inter-university Forum “Science and Global Challenges in the 21st Century”.

The Сonference covered key aspects of modern economy facing the issue of global uncertainty – allowing speakers to share their vision of the challenge and extrapolate prospects on management, marketing, innovation, finance, forensic and audit, economic security and international integration, Big Data, cryptoeconomics and blockchain.

Tatyana Mirolyubova, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, PSU, accompanied by her colleague Dmitry Koshcheev from the Department of World and Regional Economics, Economic Theory, shared a systemic and agglomeration approach in interaction of an industrial cluster and a territory. Professor Tatyana Sheshukova regarded the impact of shadow economy on the integrated security of an enterprise.

PSU economists Mikhail Gorodilov, Tatyana Pashchenko and Tatyana Ketova presented their study “The Development of Production, Technology and Accounting: the Interconnection and Interdependence”. Galina Modorskaya and her colleagues reflected upon the growing popularity of distance learning among students in Russia under the COVID-19 pandemic, while Svetlana Zhukovskaya and Tatyana Pashchenko addressed the economic indicators of sustainable development update for an enterprise.

The Conference included a section on Marketing Transformation in a Globally Changing Economy, attended by leading Russian and international experts, including partners from Uzbekistan. For further info on this section, please see here. The Conference materials had been double-blind peer-reviewed by international and Russian scholars, and checked for plagiarism according to the required standards, with further results to be published by the Springer book series “Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems”, and placed in the digital library.

PSU Exchange Students Participate Olympics Opening in China

First year students of the “Information Systems and Big Data” module, Faculty of Economics, PSU, have attended the Opening Ceremony of the XXIV Winter Olympic Games on 4 February, 2022 in Beijing (China).

Relations the countries in sports and education are part of the Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on International Relations Entering a New Era and Global Sustainable Development, officially published and approved by both parties.

According to Mikhail Gorodilov, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, PSU, “China has been our strategic partner for many years, and we are always happy to develop bilateral equal and mutually beneficial forms of cooperation.”

“The Faculty of Economics is now successfully implementing undergraduate programs in English,  as well as summer school programs – enjoyed by international students, including 56 Chinese students in 2020-2022. Our partner universities from China have been successfully cooperating with the Faculty of Economics in various directions for many years,”

says Ekaterina Chuchulina, Assistant Professor, Head of the International Cooperation Project Office, head of PSU-China exchange programs at the Faculty of Economics, PSU.

China is now famous for having organized the Olympics at the highest professional level, overcoming the pandemic and global challenge. Perm State University is thrilled have its students in a heart of a world class event, attended by both Russian and Chinese Presidents, sharing positive vibe with the University. In 2022, PSU is expecting new exchange students from China and getting ready for new educational programs at the Faculty of Economics, PSU.

PSU Chess Team Sets New Records

PSU team has become a winner in the ChessUni WCLeague international chess tournament, at the start of November, 2021. In 100 minutes, PSU participants scored 217 team points, beating the MSU teams, MIPT, as well as universities from England, Scotland, USA and Canada.

On 13-14 November, Moscow hosted the full-time final of the ACC of Russia “Your Move” chess project. There, nine chess players from different faculties represented Perm State University.

Artem Polonsky, a graduate of the Faculty of Economics, PSU, a coach of the Univer Sports Club chess team, took 1st place in the All-Russian competition. This is Artem’s first victory in face-to-face competition, on a national scale. Vladimir Gein, a student of the Faculty of Chemistry, PSU has also entered the Top 4, being defeated by the champion and the vice-champion, only.

“This is a historic step for the PSU Sports Club. Recently, we have won several prizes and even topped in online tournaments, of various statuses. It has been extremely important to us to ‘convert’ our online success into a real competition, approving the overall progress. We regard it as a success of the whole chess sport at Perm State University, rather than an individual achievement,”

the chess players state

Learn and Publish with Faculty of Economics, PSU

Does PSU run workshops and programs in English? What extra opportunities does the University provide for its scholars and students? And, why publications matter for your future progress?  

On 21 October, a workshop uniting Australia, Republic of Ireland and Russia took place at the Faculty of Economics, Perm State University.

The workshop allowed its participants to meet with the editorial teams of the Journal of Management Education (JME, SCOPUS) and Management Teaching Review (MTR) – learning about journal sections and the publishing process, getting feedback on specific article ideas.

Moderators and speakers included, Ms Ekaterina Chuchulina, Office Head at PSU Project Office for International Cooperation, Associate Professor at the Department of Business Studies and Economic Security, PSU; Dr. Paul Donovan, MTR Editor, School of Business, Maynooth University, Ireland; Dr Marissa Edwards, Lecturer in Management, UQ School of Business, University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

According to Ekaterina Chuchulina, the workshop improved participants’ skills in international academic publication activity. Having acquainted with the Scopus-based journal opens up new perspectives for the Faculty of Economics. As a result, the PSU teaching fellows received detailed instructions on publications, sections-based data, target research groups, as well as an invitation to join the editorial team as reviewers.

Why publications in English matter? Academic thesis usually requires articles in professional journals, which testify for one’s knowledge of subject and serve recognition of personal progress, worldwide. PSU Faculty of Economics runs several international business programs designed for foreign and Russian students – allowing to upgrade their knowledge in Economics and English language, growing competencies in international business, management, intercultural communication, and more. So, publishing an article might be a worthy step in following your professional and study career!

Interested in studying Economics at PSU, or collaborating as a scholar – for research and publications? Feel free to ask your questions to:

Ekaterina Chuchulina, Office Head,
Project Office for International Cooperation,
Perm State National Research University (PSU),
Faculty of Economics, building 12, office. 203

(Whats App,Viber), tel.: 89223576757
instagramm: International_economPSU.

PSU Department of Management Gets a European Union Acclaim

The Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, Perm State University (PSU) has been awarded the European Commission’s quality mark for achievement in integration studies – the Jean Monet Plaque.

The letter and the plaque were delivered to PSU from Brussels on 6 October. The Jean Monet Plaque has been obtained following the results of the first year of the Erasmus+ grant (Jean Monnet program) “Public-private partnership in the European Union: experience and future trends” implementation. The grant is designed for 3 years.

The letter states, that the purpose of the plaque is twofold. It serves primarily as a label signifying quality in European integration studies and represents the achievements of PSU-related MODULE in this field. At the same time, it also provides visibility for the Jean Monnet Action, representing it as a focal point within and outside PSU and Faculty of Economics for the promotion of European issues.

“We regard international recognition as a really valuable feedback. The award became possible thanks to the teamwork of our Department of Management, lead by Dr. Igor Merzlov. As it is extremely important to be relevant in research and educational agenda, we see ourselves growing in this direction – applying for new grants, creating interethnic cooperation and educational programs, ”

emphasized Mikhail Gorodilov, Dean of the Faculty of Economics.

Over the previous academic year, the Department of Management implemented a series of thematic events and activities, to mention a monograph’s publication; a large-scale international conference “Days of Days of Public-Private Partnership in the Perm Territory” and the following publications; and a training course for Masters’ students. The Faculty experts held the first summer school for state and municipal officials in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Perm krai. In their letter, the EU partners note the high level of research and level of events organized, expressing hope for further fruitful cooperation.

Summer School ’21 at PSU Faculty of Economy: Get Switched!

Eager to invest in your future? Searching for insights at your recent job placement? Looking for new opportunities and collaborations? Time to switch to PSU summer schools!

The Summer School “Digital Economy, International Business and Big Data 2021” has started its sessions at Perm State University (PSU). The School is run by the Project Office for International Cooperation at the Faculty of Economics, PSU with the assistance by the Department of International Relations, PSU.

The School’s topics cover digital economy, blockchain systems, cryptocurrencies, Bid Data, and a broad overview of world markets. The program includes a series of professional lectures with the participation of international scholars and practicing experts. A new trait of the Summer School ‘2021 is its online format.

The School is run in close cooperation with Dr. Niels Pedersen, professor from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). International participants include students from China University of Petroleum, regarded as the best university in China according to the QS World University Rankings in “Petroleum Engineering” category.

“This year, several PSU faculties are successfully implementing the Summer School ‘2021 program plans. Regardless of the restrictions period, caused by the pandemic, we haven’t cut on international programs or projects. As always, we are glad to accept international students and provide any possible assistance,”

comments Vadim Gataulin, Head of the International Relations Department, PSU.

Here at PSU, summer schools have received a priority status at growing student academic mobility. The School’s short-term format allows students to know better the University community and educational programs, as well as gain experience in joint research activities with leading university scholars.

“International educational programs are a priority direction at the Faculty of Economics. The challenges of the global economy provide us with the opportunity to set educational programs in an online format, with the participation of students and teachers from abroad. This year, we are delighted to have students from China as our participants! More more projects are yet to come,”

says Mikhail Gorodilov, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, PSU.

The Faculty of Economics, PSU has been already successfully implementing international educational programs, to mention the Winter School, the Double Degree Diploma, and the International Business, both as masters’ and bachelor’s courses, and supplementary professional upgrade.

Interested in modern economics and summer schools? Feel free to contact:

Ekaterina Chuchulina, Office Head,
Project Office for International Cooperation,
Perm State National Research University (PSU),
Faculty of Economics, building 12, office. 203

(Whats App,Viber), tel.: 89223576757
instagramm: International_economPSU.

PSU Faculty of Economics Welcomes International Students for 2021-2022

Interested in global markets? Want to study economics and upgrade your English? Looking for perspectives in international enterprises?

The Faculty of Economics at Perm State University is the largest school of economists in the Urals and a recognized scientific and commercial center. The Faculty conducts extensive research, consulting and expert activities. Founded more than 60 years ago, the Faculty of Economics has prepared more than 23,000 highly qualified specialists. Today, more than 2,000 students study at the Faculty. Students are taught by highly qualified professors (more than 120 PhDs).

The Faculty of Economics successfully implements undergraduate program “International Business” (4 years bachelor degree, full-time, English language). Apart from basic background in economics, the Program offers a deeper view of managing international enterprises, financial markets, communications, standardization and certification of goods and services, customs, financial reports, and other related expertise. The Program graduates gain confidence to work at international economic departments and export units of private companies and government bodies.

“We see our Faculty’s task as keep being relevant and ready to accept any challenges of the modern world. We do provide educational services at the highest quality level possible, using modern digital developments and technologies. So, we will be glad to see more international students entering our study courses,”

says Dr. Mikhail Gorodilov, Dean and Professor at the Faculty of Economics, PSU.

For more information, please see the Faculty of Economics, PSU, website.

For any inquiries, please contact the International Cooperation Project Office, Faculty of Economics, PSU: Ms. Ekaterina Chuchulina, +79223576757 (Watsup, Viber),, Instagram: international_economPSU

Information letter (pdf)

Study at Asia e University! (Applications due to 9 April)

The Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation informs that the Secretariat of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) is recruiting candidates for participation in the online scholarship program by Asia e University.

Bachelors and masters of Business Administration, Management and Information and Communication Technologies are invited to participate. The scholarship fully covers the costs of training, the remaining costs are borne by the candidate himself.

To participate in the Program, the candidate must provide the following documents:

  1. Completed application form (sample in the link below the post);
  2. A certified copy of the passport;
  3. A certified copy of a diploma or an excerpt from a grade book;
  4. Certificate of student status;
  5. Financial documents;
  6. Two photographs.

Documents must be sent by e-mail to Kristina G.Dovmalyan: Please, see the document attached (PDF) for the full info. Documents are accepted until 8 April 2021.

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