PSU Wins Priority 2030 Program, Gets Government Support

Valery Falkov, Head of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Russia (Министерство высшего образования и науки РФ) summed up the results of the selection of higher institutions, eligible for the annual state support of RUB 100 million. PSU has become one of 106 universities included in this list, as a result of the Contest selection, run on 18 September.

“Having won the competition, Perm State University will use its extra sources to reach for a new standard of education and partnerships. PSU is heading to overall adoption of individual learning plans and network educational programs – allowing to meet students’ interests and market expectations. We will also continue to develop the institution of tutorship and educational program managers, the latter responsible for constant update of learning process,”

comments Dr. Dmitry Krasilnikov, PSU Rector.

Addressing PSU staff meeting on 29 September, Dr. Dmitry Krasilnikov highly praised personal qualities that the University team showed in its most difficult time – helping the wounded, calming students, providing mutual support and working hard, both in office and online.

“All your actions are much appreciated and incredibly valuable,” emphasized Dr. Dmitry Krasilnikov. “Now is the time to come back to life. Perm State University will have to carry many important decisions about the campus security and further development of the university. We need to keep the unity we all share today. It will help the University step forward.”

Distance Learning Mode Extended at PSU

From 4 to 9 October, distance learning mode (online classes) will be offered to full-time and part-time undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, as well as those studying at PSU College of Professional Education.

“Distance learning has been extended in order to ensure the necessary security measures at the University. In addition, we are seeing an increase of covid-19 cases in the Perm Territory, so it would be wise to take our staff and students’ care into consideration,”

states Dr. Dmitry Krasilnikov, PSU Rector.

The access to the University campus remains restricted. For further info, please, see our updates.

PSU International Student Helped Evacuation

Ovezberdi Sabyrov (Turkmenistan), a 3rd-year student of the Faculty of Chemistry, Perm State University, kept his temper and did his best to evacuate a group of students off campus.

At the moment of the tragedy of 20 September, Ovezberdi was on the ground floor, was waiting for the classes to start. Suddenly, he heard the sound of gunfire, and saw students running by, shouting.  When the international student saw the shooter saw the guard wounded, it became clear there was no joke involved, and the situation was serious.

Ovezberdi understood it was extremely unsafe to stay in the same place, so he looked for a safe way out. The student gathered his Turkmen and Russian friends, caught other ones on the way, and led them towards Students’ Club (Building 7). There, the University staff pointed them for an emergency exit.

Having reached the Students’ Club, Ovezberdi realized he would not be able to run out first and call for immediate help, as there were too many people at the exit. He instantly decided to jump out the window of the ground floor. Once on the street, the student rushed off campus, and warned passers-by about the danger, and made a call to police.

“I tried to explain the students around that it was important to avoid panic, and quickly step out,”

said Ovezberdi Sabyrov.

Back at home in Turkmenistan, Ovezberdi served in the military for two years. Those days he learned to properly act in emergency situations, when first you evacuate people, and then report to the police. Fellow officers speak of Ovezberdi Sabyrov as a calm, honest and diligent person.

Overcoming Anxiety: A Word by PSU Rector and Services Contact

In his official address to public audience, expressing deep condolences to families of those tragically shot to death or under medical treatment, Dr. Dmitry Krasilnikov, Rector of Perm State University, stated, that the circle of victims is much wider.

“We will feel the heavy burden of the psychological consequences of what happened for a long time to come. If you experience tension, fear, confusion, anxiety, difficulties in communication with students, colleagues or relatives, do not try to cope on your own. I am asking you to immediately contact professional psychologists, who will definitely help you!”

Dr. Dmitry Krasilnikov said.

To remind, psychological guidance for teachers, students, staff and their families has been organized at the dormitories (hostels) of Perm State University. Psychologists work daily on campus until 26 September from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

On PSU campus:

  • Dormitory 2: ul. Bukireva, 16, Head of Student Dormitories’ Office, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 5: ul. Petropavlovskaya, 115, Legal Clinic #122 or Lounge Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 6: ul. Petropavlovskaya, 117, Lounge Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 7: ul. Petropavlovskaya, 121, Student Council Room, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 8: ul. Genkelya, 5, Briefing Room, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 9: Study Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 10: Dorm Head’s room, ground floor.

Hotline phones:

  • Ministry of Emergency Situations, 24/7: (+7 342) 258 40 02, (+7 342) 258 40 01 (ext. 595);
  • Helpline 8 800 2008 911;
  • Emergency social assistance: 8 800 100 83 05.

Local Service Centers in Perm:

  • Regional Center for Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Support: ul. Ekaterininskaya, 98 (please, register to apply: (+7 342) 212 89 70);
  • Regional Psycho-Therapy Center: ul. Geroev Khasana, 20 (please, register to apply: (+7 342) 244 28 02);
  • Regional Center for Psychological, Pedagogical and Social Assistance: ul. Kazakhskaya, 71 (please, register to apply: (+7 342) 262 80 60, (+7 342) 262 80 85);
  • Perm City Psychological Center: pr. Komsomolsky, 84a (please, register to apply: (+7 342) 299 98 00).

Please, remember, that all enquiries by our international students and partners might be primarily  addressed to International Department of Perm State University.

Psychological Aid at PSU

Dear PSU students teaching staff and friends,

Our task is to provide the necessary psychological assistance to everyone who needs it. It is important to understand that fear and anxiety are normal, and might be overcome. Professionals will help to cope with them.

Psychological guidance for teachers, students, staff and their families has been organized at the dormitories (hostels) of Perm State University. Please, don’t hesitate to apply! Psychologists work daily until 26 September from 10:00am to 8:00pm:

  • Dormitory 2: Head of Student Dormitories’ Office, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 5: Legal Clinic # 122 or Lounge Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 6: Lounge Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 7: Student Council Room, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 8: Briefing Room, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 9: Study Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 10: Dorm Head’s room, ground floor.

Please, remember, that all your enquiries will be answered by International Department of Perm State University.

During the night time, you may contact the Psychological Service Hotline of the Ministry of Emergency Situations: (342) 258-40-02. Having a Russian friend beside will ease the communication!

PSU Paramedic Providing First Aid to International Students and Russian Citizens

PSU paramedic Anna Nikitina became the first paramedic to provide medical help during the tragic shootings of 20 September, on Perm State University campus. On Monday, 11:37am a young man ran into the PSU aid post, begging for help, accompanied by multiple calls from the evidences.

As Anna rushed outside, several people approached for her help. Seeing a man in the blood by the tower of the Natural Science Institute, she examined his bandage and him a painkiller injection. An international student has been already waiting by her side, begging to help his fellow. Running to the University fountain, they found a student with multiple bullet wounds, yet conscious, Anna asked him questions, while his fellow interpreted. After the injection, she stopped the blood and marked the time.

“At this time, ambulance sirens were already heard,” says Anna. – Yet, I had more things to do. I immediately ran with companions to Building 2, where two victims were kept by the turnstile. One girl had a lumbar injury, the other guy was wounded into a shoulder. I started providing them first aid. At this time, emergency doctors arrived, and I helped them to reach the stable condition. The wounded were quickly taken to the car. I then began to clean up, preventing the mess from bloody bandages, syringes and ampoules ”. Anna then had to hurry upstairs to a student, who fainted.

Anna Nikitina has been working at Perm State University for 25 years. When the paramedic ran from one victim to another, she had her phone torn from her friends’ and relatives’ calls, all across the country – understanding Anna would not stay away from the tragedy.

Presently, Anna Nikitina is looking forward to get back to the University campus she loves. “I know the psychologists working with the kids are good,” she says. “I wish I could help them as much as I can, besides my primary tasks like vaccination or check-ups. I promise to take more care of our student folks and teaching fellows. Life must go on.”

The University expresses sincere gratitude to Anna Nikitina for helping the victims of the tragedy.

On Challenge of Tragic Shootings, 20 September, 2021 Official Address by Rector of Perm State University

Dear friends, students, teachers and staff of Perm State University, Russian and international partners,

There is no private grief in a broad university family. Today, the trouble has come to our campus home. We grieve for those who died and think of those who are fighting for their lives. I express my deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims.

Emergency services did everything possible to protect those who were at the University at the time of the tragedy. Most importantly, we felt each other’s support. The University, the Perm region and the city are providing all possible help to those affected.

I am asking anyone associated with our University and caring about the tragedy to unite and show compassion, supporting those in need. You may commemorate the victims’ memory outside the Eastern entrance to the University from the Dzerzhinsky street, by Building 5.

21 September is announced as the Day of Mourning in the Perm Territory.

We grieve and stand together,

Dr. Dmitry Krasilnikov,
Rector of Perm University

PSU Faculty of Economics Welcomes International Students for 2021-2022

Interested in global markets? Want to study economics and upgrade your English? Looking for perspectives in international enterprises?

The Faculty of Economics at Perm State University is the largest school of economists in the Urals and a recognized scientific and commercial center. The Faculty conducts extensive research, consulting and expert activities. Founded more than 60 years ago, the Faculty of Economics has prepared more than 23,000 highly qualified specialists. Today, more than 2,000 students study at the Faculty. Students are taught by highly qualified professors (more than 120 PhDs).

The Faculty of Economics successfully implements undergraduate program “International Business” (4 years bachelor degree, full-time, English language). Apart from basic background in economics, the Program offers a deeper view of managing international enterprises, financial markets, communications, standardization and certification of goods and services, customs, financial reports, and other related expertise. The Program graduates gain confidence to work at international economic departments and export units of private companies and government bodies.

“We see our Faculty’s task as keep being relevant and ready to accept any challenges of the modern world. We do provide educational services at the highest quality level possible, using modern digital developments and technologies. So, we will be glad to see more international students entering our study courses,”

says Dr. Mikhail Gorodilov, Dean and Professor at the Faculty of Economics, PSU.

For more information, please see the Faculty of Economics, PSU, website.

For any inquiries, please contact the International Cooperation Project Office, Faculty of Economics, PSU: Ms. Ekaterina Chuchulina, +79223576757 (Watsup, Viber),, Instagram: international_economPSU

Information letter (pdf)

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