PSU International Students Join Medical Volunteers

Medical volunteers chose Perm State University as a place to run a round table with international students. On 30 November, the activists and audience discussed opportunities of foreign students in volunteering, regarding it as an excellent chance to meet the local Russian culture.

As a movement, the Medical Volunteers are famous for collaborating with more than 1,700 medical, educational, public and other organizations throughout Russia. The movement follows the mission of reviving the charity tradition and assisting health care at works.

To put it simple, what do medical volunteers do?

  • help at medical institutions;
  • teach the rules of first aid;
  • accompany sports and public events;
  • get engaged in prevention of diseases;
  • speak for and encourage blood and bone marrow donation;
  • promote healthy lifestyle;
  • carry out career guidance among schoolchildren.

The meeting at Perm State University ended with a motivational video about international medical volunteers, showing personal examples of how volunteering helped foreign students and served other’s inspiration. PSU students showed enthusiasm in running further projects in volunteering.

To remind, on 6-10 December, Perm Krai hosts Perm Forum of Public Activity and Volunteering, uniting educational institutions, non-profit organizations, social movements, public figures, business representatives, volunteers and all those involved, including active members of PSU community.

The All-Russian Public Movement of Medical Volunteers, started in 2013, is one of the largest voluntary healthcare organizations in Europe. With a support by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, it has more than 85 regional branches, uniting 86,000 people and providing aid for about 4 million Russians, annually.

Interested? Steps to Join Medical Volunteers

Eager to join the team and follow the Medical Volunteers mission?

1. Read the charter of the VOD “Medical Volunteers” in the document attached;

2. Make a decision to take responsibility for yourself, your team activity and beneficiaries;

3. Fill out the form following the link;

4. Register at: https://волонтеры-медики.рф/stat-volonterom/;

5. Also, register at a, which serves unified info platform for building volunteer activity, nationally;

6. Let us know about your desire to become a volunteer by contacting our activist Ksenia Kurginyan:;

7. Pass an interview and get your questions answered;

8. Do good deeds!

Overcoming Anxiety: A Word by PSU Rector and Services Contact

In his official address to public audience, expressing deep condolences to families of those tragically shot to death or under medical treatment, Dr. Dmitry Krasilnikov, Rector of Perm State University, stated, that the circle of victims is much wider.

“We will feel the heavy burden of the psychological consequences of what happened for a long time to come. If you experience tension, fear, confusion, anxiety, difficulties in communication with students, colleagues or relatives, do not try to cope on your own. I am asking you to immediately contact professional psychologists, who will definitely help you!”

Dr. Dmitry Krasilnikov said.

To remind, psychological guidance for teachers, students, staff and their families has been organized at the dormitories (hostels) of Perm State University. Psychologists work daily on campus until 26 September from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

On PSU campus:

  • Dormitory 2: ul. Bukireva, 16, Head of Student Dormitories’ Office, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 5: ul. Petropavlovskaya, 115, Legal Clinic #122 or Lounge Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 6: ul. Petropavlovskaya, 117, Lounge Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 7: ul. Petropavlovskaya, 121, Student Council Room, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 8: ul. Genkelya, 5, Briefing Room, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 9: Study Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 10: Dorm Head’s room, ground floor.

Hotline phones:

  • Ministry of Emergency Situations, 24/7: (+7 342) 258 40 02, (+7 342) 258 40 01 (ext. 595);
  • Helpline 8 800 2008 911;
  • Emergency social assistance: 8 800 100 83 05.

Local Service Centers in Perm:

  • Regional Center for Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Support: ul. Ekaterininskaya, 98 (please, register to apply: (+7 342) 212 89 70);
  • Regional Psycho-Therapy Center: ul. Geroev Khasana, 20 (please, register to apply: (+7 342) 244 28 02);
  • Regional Center for Psychological, Pedagogical and Social Assistance: ul. Kazakhskaya, 71 (please, register to apply: (+7 342) 262 80 60, (+7 342) 262 80 85);
  • Perm City Psychological Center: pr. Komsomolsky, 84a (please, register to apply: (+7 342) 299 98 00).

Please, remember, that all enquiries by our international students and partners might be primarily  addressed to International Department of Perm State University.

International Student Shares His Story of Helping Tragedy Victims «I used my clothes as a bondage and called for the first aid»

Ashraf Razuk (Iraq), a 3rd year student in Pharmacy, Faculty of Chemistry, PSU was one of the first to help the wounded. On 20 September, the student was walking across the Perm State University campus, when the shooting began.

As he saw a girl falling down, the student immediately rushed towards her: “It turned out, she wasn’t injured – just very scared. I loaded her on my shoulders and carried behind the building’s corner, where it was safe.”

After that, Ashraf noticed another victim – a young man, wounded in his leg. Using his clothes, Ashraf bandaged him and called the ambulance.

“Then, someone told me that my friend was wounded – they showed where he was, so I run there to check, and approached a paramedic,”

recollects Ashraf Razuk.

Ashraf’s injured friend happened to be Abdullah Obaid, another student in chemistry from Iraq. During the classes’ break, he strolled by the University fountain. When the shots happened, Abdullah protected the girl standing next to him, covering her with his body. The student received gunshot wounds to both legs. Abdullah was given initial treatment in Perm, and then transferred to a hospital in Moscow.

Perm State University is grateful to everyone who showed courage and provided help and support to those in trouble. We know there were more people on campus who did their best to protect the others!

Psychological Aid at PSU

Dear PSU students teaching staff and friends,

Our task is to provide the necessary psychological assistance to everyone who needs it. It is important to understand that fear and anxiety are normal, and might be overcome. Professionals will help to cope with them.

Psychological guidance for teachers, students, staff and their families has been organized at the dormitories (hostels) of Perm State University. Please, don’t hesitate to apply! Psychologists work daily until 26 September from 10:00am to 8:00pm:

  • Dormitory 2: Head of Student Dormitories’ Office, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 5: Legal Clinic # 122 or Lounge Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 6: Lounge Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 7: Student Council Room, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 8: Briefing Room, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 9: Study Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 10: Dorm Head’s room, ground floor.

Please, remember, that all your enquiries will be answered by International Department of Perm State University.

During the night time, you may contact the Psychological Service Hotline of the Ministry of Emergency Situations: (342) 258-40-02. Having a Russian friend beside will ease the communication!

PSU Paramedic Providing First Aid to International Students and Russian Citizens

PSU paramedic Anna Nikitina became the first paramedic to provide medical help during the tragic shootings of 20 September, on Perm State University campus. On Monday, 11:37am a young man ran into the PSU aid post, begging for help, accompanied by multiple calls from the evidences.

As Anna rushed outside, several people approached for her help. Seeing a man in the blood by the tower of the Natural Science Institute, she examined his bandage and him a painkiller injection. An international student has been already waiting by her side, begging to help his fellow. Running to the University fountain, they found a student with multiple bullet wounds, yet conscious, Anna asked him questions, while his fellow interpreted. After the injection, she stopped the blood and marked the time.

“At this time, ambulance sirens were already heard,” says Anna. – Yet, I had more things to do. I immediately ran with companions to Building 2, where two victims were kept by the turnstile. One girl had a lumbar injury, the other guy was wounded into a shoulder. I started providing them first aid. At this time, emergency doctors arrived, and I helped them to reach the stable condition. The wounded were quickly taken to the car. I then began to clean up, preventing the mess from bloody bandages, syringes and ampoules ”. Anna then had to hurry upstairs to a student, who fainted.

Anna Nikitina has been working at Perm State University for 25 years. When the paramedic ran from one victim to another, she had her phone torn from her friends’ and relatives’ calls, all across the country – understanding Anna would not stay away from the tragedy.

Presently, Anna Nikitina is looking forward to get back to the University campus she loves. “I know the psychologists working with the kids are good,” she says. “I wish I could help them as much as I can, besides my primary tasks like vaccination or check-ups. I promise to take more care of our student folks and teaching fellows. Life must go on.”

The University expresses sincere gratitude to Anna Nikitina for helping the victims of the tragedy.

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