PSU Department of Management Gets a European Union Acclaim

The Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, Perm State University (PSU) has been awarded the European Commission’s quality mark for achievement in integration studies – the Jean Monet Plaque.

The letter and the plaque were delivered to PSU from Brussels on 6 October. The Jean Monet Plaque has been obtained following the results of the first year of the Erasmus+ grant (Jean Monnet program) “Public-private partnership in the European Union: experience and future trends” implementation. The grant is designed for 3 years.

The letter states, that the purpose of the plaque is twofold. It serves primarily as a label signifying quality in European integration studies and represents the achievements of PSU-related MODULE in this field. At the same time, it also provides visibility for the Jean Monnet Action, representing it as a focal point within and outside PSU and Faculty of Economics for the promotion of European issues.

“We regard international recognition as a really valuable feedback. The award became possible thanks to the teamwork of our Department of Management, lead by Dr. Igor Merzlov. As it is extremely important to be relevant in research and educational agenda, we see ourselves growing in this direction – applying for new grants, creating interethnic cooperation and educational programs, ”

emphasized Mikhail Gorodilov, Dean of the Faculty of Economics.

Over the previous academic year, the Department of Management implemented a series of thematic events and activities, to mention a monograph’s publication; a large-scale international conference “Days of Days of Public-Private Partnership in the Perm Territory” and the following publications; and a training course for Masters’ students. The Faculty experts held the first summer school for state and municipal officials in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Perm krai. In their letter, the EU partners note the high level of research and level of events organized, expressing hope for further fruitful cooperation.

PSU Traveler Wins Geography ‘Oscar’ Competition

Andrei Korolev, Associate Professor, Department of Tourism, PSU has been awarded with the Crystal Compass («Хрустальный компас») International Award in the “Travel and Expedition” nomination. The “Earth Poles of Inaccessibility” project by Andrei Korolev and his team, launched in 1998, remains active until today, raising attention and applause from professionals in tourism, worldwide.

Expedition routes passed through the inaccessibility poles of Eurasia, Russia, Kun-Lun, Tibet, Pamir, Tien Shan, North America, New Zealand, Madagascar, Altai, the Sayans and Urals, Continental US, as well as areas of inaccessibility in Antarctica, Greenland, Africa, South America and Australia.

“The areas known as inaccessible are very rarely visited, and serve a standard of natural purity. They give us a clue of what our planet was in prehistoric era. These are the places where the time seemes to stop, and the impact of civilization is at its lowest,”

states Andrei Korolev

The biggest expedition around Tibet territories reached 49 days, with a length of 2500 km (1 553 mi). The project involves travels to most inaccessible points of the world, with no use of vehicles (other than bicycles or ski), in a small group of people, completely autonomous.

Since 2006, the total mass of data collected throughout expeditions became a source for 2 books, over 50 papers and monographs, as well as research publications in the Scopus, also to mention popular science magazines, like National Geographic.

The Crystal Compass, regarded as an international ‘Oscar’ in geography by many, is a known international award marking notable achievements and practical solutions in geography and ecology, as well as preservation and protection of natural, historical and cultural heritage.

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