Ethno-Quest, Pop-Sci, Video Competition and Many More: PSU Scholars to Run a National Cultures Fest

On 7-12 December, PSU Department of Cultural Studies and Social and Humanitarian Technologies will run the Festival of National Cultures of Perm. Regardless how far away you are, you may see how Perm and Perm people look like: the Festival is free to participate, due to its online Zoom format.

The Festival participants will meet local leaders of national organizations, attend popular science lectures, discover the Perm Territory, pass an ethno-quest and participate the Family Heirloom video competition.

The Festival program includes lectures by PSU experts, unveiling the ethnic nature of Perm animal style and local cultural traditions. PSU international students will run an ethno-quest “Agents of National Security”, supporting the university spirit of multi-cultural community.

During the Festival, a video competition “Family Heirloom” will take place, encouraging participants to shoot a video about their family artefacts, connecting them to national traditions and family culture. The winners will receive gift certificates.

The festival is set by PSU Department of Cultural Studies and Social and Humanitarian Technologies, with a support by Perm City Administration, “Youth Expert” Center for Social and Humanitarian Technologies, Consulting Services and Youth Projects.

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