Learn Japanese Painting at PSU

The Faculty of Pedagogy at Regional Institute for Continuing Education, PSU invites those interested in traditional oriental painting for a workshop on traditional Japanese paining of sumi-e.

Sumi-e is a type of Asian ink brush painting which uses black ink typical of Asian calligraphy. Typically monochrome, it uses only shades of black, with a great emphasis on virtuoso brushwork and conveying the perceived “spirit” or “essence” of a subject over direct imitation. Emerging during the Tang dynasty of China (618–907), the art of sumi-e flourished from the Song dynasty in China (960–1279) onwards, and was brought to Japan by Zen Buddhist monks in the 14th century.

The art of sumi-e is believed to calm the mind and bring harmony. The workshop participants will get acquainted with the history, philosophy and principles of sumi-e, as well as Japanese painting tradition in general. The participants will practice drawing techniques while depicting particular objects, such as grass and bamboo, birds, butterflies, fish, mice. For drawing, traditional sets used by artists and calligraphers of Japan will be provided – the ink, inkstands, brushes and paper lining.

The workshop is run by Sergey Bolkhovitin, a coach and an artist, who has been practicing the art of sumi-e for 20 years. Sergei is a frequent host for related sumi-e events in St. Petersburg and Perm, to mention the Day of Japanese Culture at PSU Academic Library and educational ‘green’ venues by PSU Botanical Garden. Sergey will start his workshop with an extra bonus, an introduction to the ikebana, the traditional Japanese art of arranging flowers and plants on dedicated plates.

Teachers, schoolchildren and students from Perm and Perm territories region are invited to participate in the workshop, no prior specific knowledge of Japanese arts is required. To participate, please register at https://forms.yandex.ru/cloud/62ac408b9bab4ee1caea2af8/. Campus-based classes will be held on 18-19 August, accompanied by a live stream at Yandex.Telebridge. Please, address any further questions to the Faculty of Pedagogy at Regional Institute for Continuing Education, PSU: +7 (908) 272 10 34, pedagogika-psu@mail.ru

The Regional Institute for Continuing Education, established in 2004, remains one of the largest centers for additional education and professional orientation in the Perm territory – providing courses for all kinds of audiences, from college and university students to civil servants and practicing professionals. The institute is based at Perm State University campus and draws qualified teachers for its educational projects.

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