Study Nano-Techs, Get Your Job of the Future!

How many universities offer you a job contract after the graduation? Due to PSU partners in Nano-Techs, our graduates’ future gets brighter and clearer!

In companionship with Perm Scientific and Production Instrument-Making Company (ПАО «Пермская Научно-Производственная Приборостроительная Компания») PSU elcomes applications for the target-oriented masters’ program “Nanotechnology and Microsystem Engineering”.

The MSci program is aimed at training highly qualified personnel in the field of photonics and fiber optics, including the design and manufacture of photonic integrated circuits for autonomous inertial navigation systems, civil and defense radar equipment, intelligent fiber sensors for measuring various physical quantities, as well as for telecommunications systems.

The program students will gain competence in research and development of new technological processes associated with the formation of new crystalline and amorphous systems of modern instrument making at the atomic-molecular level.

The core training takes place at the Department of Nanotechnology and Microsystem Technology, Faculty of Physics, PSU using modern facilities, as well as the research and technological labs of the Perm Scientific and Production Instrument-Making Company, incorporating the most modern equipment of microelectronic industry.

Master’s students will be able to combine training with work as research engineers, carrying both fundamental and applied research in photonics, directly implementing their achievements in the production of high-tech equipment.

The MSci program provides internships at world’s leading universities. Over the past years, in the field of Photonics, cooperation has been established with the University of Louisville (USA), the Eindhoven University of Technology (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands), the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Universitat Politècnica de València UPV, Spain), the University of Nantes International Students 2020 I Erasmus and Exchange (Université de Nantes, France).

MSci graduates are ‘grown’ as potential employees for Perm Scientific and Production Instrument-Making Company, joining its research, technological and production units. As a rule, the graduates tend to continue their research as PhD students, while also enjoying the prospects of well-paid leading positions at the Company.

Perm Scientific and Production Instrument-Making Company is a well known high-tech enterprise in Russia. The Company is a leading manufacturer of navigation equipment for aviation, rocket and space systems, sea and river vessels of both civil and defense significance. The Company act as a flagship of the Photonics Perm cluster of fiber-optic technologies, and a partner for several universities in the Perm region, both in educational and research.

Interested applicants should submit documents before 8 August, and pass the written entrance exam in Materials of Micro- and Nano-System Technology, concluded by a training agreement. As the Perm Scientific and Production Instrument-Making Company covers the educational costs, the agreement between the student and the Company will be made to prescribe each side’s obligations.

For further information on the course, please contact the Faculty of Physics at:

Ask more about this program and other opportunities at the PSU International Department:
+7 (342) 239-66-55

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