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Interested in international diplomacy? Looking for careers in governing bodies? Want to know more about the history of the West, to build adequate policies? The Faculty of History and Political Sciences invites new applicants for the MA program “The West and the Civilization Challenges of Our Time” (academic year 2020-2021).

The program is suitable for undergraduate graduates with a broad background, to name history, political science, international relations, philology, journalism, philosophy, law, regional studies, geography and sociology. Those interested in political and socio-cultural processes in Western countries of the 20-21 centuries will find it extremely useful.

“The West and the Civilization Challenges of Our Time” MA program aims at improving the skills of academic work, research methodology, design and implementation of research projects in modern history of Western Europe and the United States.

The scientific supervisor of the program is Darya Vershinina, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of History and Archeology, PSU. Darya Vershinina is an author of more than 50 publications on the history of UK, Ireland and USA. Particularly, Daria’s interest of competence and research lies in the field of gender studies.

The program combines fundamental training and research in contemporary history of the United States and Western Europe. As a result, the program will make it possible to apply the acquired knowledge to the analysis of political, social and cultural challenges the Western countries have to recently face.

The course incorporates broad cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approaches. The program disciplines will allow the students to form a compound view of the ideological, political, socio-cultural transformations of Western Europe and North America in the modern age.

“The West and the Civilizational Challenges of Our Time” consists of the following disciplines and skills to upgrade:

  • “The History of the State and Social Institutions of Western Countries in the 20th Century”: learning about the patterns and character of modernization processes in Western countries; mastering the skills of analyzing global trends of our time.
  • “The Cultural Spaces of Western Countries: Traditions and Modernity”: key cultural processes, practices and communities of the modern West; the subject deals with various types of texts of modern culture (material, verbal, visual, virtual), and the following critical appreciation of the diverse phenomena of modern culture and art.
  • “Globalization: Economic, Political and Social Aspects”: analyzing the recent challenges of globalization, raising related issues in discussion groups, understanding political concepts and ideas of the West, gaining knowledge about political parties and socio-cultural change within globalization processes.
  • “The Past and Present of the European Union”: introducing students into the progress and challenges of of European integration since the middle of the 20th century till recent times.
  • “On the Sidelines of History: Exploring the Marginalized Communities”: understanding the opportunities and prospects of studying history from the grassroots. The subject allows a closer view of practices and identities of those groups who have long stayed beyond the margins of academic historical science (people with disabilities, lumpen, ethnic and other minorities).
  • Research seminar incorporating the teamwork of program participants, presentation and discussion of research results and new research projects.

Ask more about this program and other opportunities at the PSU International Department:
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