PSU Opens Turkish Language Course, Plus to Chinese and Korean

The Regional Institute for Continuing Education at Perm State University (PSU) has launched a new course of Turkish language for the study year 2022-2023, concentrating on writing, oral speech and everyday communication.

As part of the course, the students will master the basics of Turkish grammar, learn to understand native speakers by ear, and initiate dialogue. Attention will be paid to the development of listening comprehension through the study of the culture, traditions and history of Turkey.

“In class, we will analyze TV-series and films, as well as music, contributing to our vocabulary. Through our telegram channel we hope our students to discover Turkish literature, as well as learn to understand speech patterns used in songs, poems and films,”

says Medina Akhverdova, Turkish language teacher.

PSU did have previous fruitful collaborations with Turkey. In 2017-2019, Uğur Yılmaz, a student from Erciyes University (Kayseri, Turkey) studied the concept of Eurasianism and its reflection among Russians, Americans, Western Europeans and Turks – as a part of his master’s course at the Faculty of History and Political Sciences, PSU.  

“We are both different and the same. Unlike other Islamic countries, similar of Middle East, Turkey is a secular state, and somehow a part of Europe. Turkish youth is less ‘traditional’ today: for instance, we all enjoy international pop hits and wear fashion clothes. The feature typical of Turkish students is their mobility: we enjoy travelling a lot. And, Russia offers much in that respect, with your beautiful lands and long distances,”

admitted Uğur when asked about similarities of Turkish and Russian cultures.

Besides Turkish language, the “Littera” Language Center at PSU offers courses of Chinese and Korean. Chinese is one of the most complex languages in the world; Korean is considered to be most logically organized. Not only will course participants be able to master their basics, but also to get acquainted with the oriental culture and etiquette.

“In addition to the basics of grammar and vocabulary Korean, our students enjoy the opportunity of discovering Korean traditions and common life, the basics of communication and behavior, including social expectations and things to avoid,”

says Alena Meyler, teacher of Korean language, graduate of the Faculty of International Relations, Ural Federal University (Yekaterinburg, Russia).

To study Turkish, Chinese or Korean, invited are adults and children 12+. For more information, please turn to dedicated Littera link, or call: +7 (342) 237-63-35.

The Regional Institute for Continuing Education at PSU, established in 2004, remains one of the largest centers for additional education and professional orientation in the Perm territory – providing courses for all kinds of audiences, from college and university students to civil servants and practicing professionals. The institute is based at Perm State University campus and draws qualified teachers for its educational projects.

Academic Exchange with Myongji University: Call for Applications

Department of International Relations at Perm State University (PSU) informs about the opportunity of studying in the Republic of Korea – along the academic mobility programs for the autumn 2021-2022 semester at Myongji University. The applications are due to 10 May, 2021.

Students of 2nd-3rd years of bachelor’s degree and 1st year of master’s degree are invited to participate in the competition.

Applicants must provide the following documents:

  1. a copy of applicant’s international passport;
  2. a verifying letter showing the academic status by Perm State University;
  3. transcript of progress (an extract from the grade book or transcript of records in English);
  4. a letter of motivation in English indicating the intended direction of study;
  5. a certificate of English language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL certificates or a certificate from the teacher).

Electronic copies of documents, as well as any possible inquiries should be addressed to the Academic Mobility Office, Department of International Relations, Perm State University: + 7 (342) 239-66-55.

For more information on applications and related documents, please, see the following link.

Additional information on living costs and courses available might be found here.

The deadline for applications for Department of International Relations, PSU is 10 May.

Myongji University (명지대학교; 明知大學校) is a private university founded in 1948 in South Korea. It provides higher education in the fields of engineering, sciences and humanities. It has two campuses: the Social Science Campus is located in Seoul and the Natural Science Campus is in Yongin which is 35 kilometres (22 mi) south of the capital. It is made up of 10 colleges, 42 departments, seven faculties and eight specialized postgraduate programs, aimed at educational and research activity.

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