Half of PSU International Students Got Vaccinated, Safely

About 50% of foreign students who had come to study at Perm State University, have been vaccinated against COVID-19 – the service offered since 30 September, 2021, territorially.

“Previously, the status of international student did not allow a foreign citizen to be vaccinated against coronavirus, locally. For now, legal contradictions have been resolved on the federal level. In the Perm Territory, a batch of Sputnik Light vaccine has been purchased for foreign citizens,” PSU International Department has commented. “Since the end of September, 2021, vaccination against coronavirus has been set at the Perm Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases.”

According to PSU International Department, over 300 PSU international students there have been staying locally in Perm or inside the country, for the current academic year. Out of them, 150 people have been vaccinated against coronavirus infection, by the end of October 2021.

At the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature, as well as at the Faculty of Biology, the amount of vaccinated foreigners international students is reaching 100%. For vaccination, PSU international students are welcomed to apply to the dean’s office of their related Faculty.

Vaccination is regarded as a reliable way to defend oneself during the pandemic.

PSU and University of Lousville Unite for Translators Contest

433 translations have been checked by PSU students and teachers, who performed as jury experts in the Perm City Translators’ Contest – a record amount for the whole venue history. The event was held within the framework of “Perm-Louisville: Twin Cities ’Cultural Heritage” projects, addressing schoolchildren and college students.

Two groups of experts worked on their jury tasks, comprising students of the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature, teachers from four Perm universities, officials of Perm city administration, and the University of Louisville, a long-time partner of Perm State University.

The jury of the first selection round included 20 undergraduate students in Linguistics, as well as 20 graduate and postgraduate students. 23 faculty members and 7 students from the University of Louisville joined them for the second round, to specially name long-time partners Professor Michael Losavio and Thomas Dumstorf, teacher of Russian language and literature.

For the second round, two pieces from a thriller “A is for Aliby” by Sue Grafton were offered for an English-Russian translation, and an excerpt from “The Territory of God” by Yuri Aslanyan, Perm-based author, PSU graduate in Philology – for a Russian-English translation.

“This time, the project attracted 467 participants from our city, which undoubtedly testifies to the growing interest in such events among the youth of Perm, and beyond! Thanks to the city-rooted,  citizen-voiced competitions and projects, PSU students and teachers join the international movement of twinning and peoples’ diplomacy,”

admits Svetlana Polyakova, project coordinator.

“I would like to thank the organizers of the Contest for an excellent opportunity to practice our translation skills – which mean less without practice. I am happy to support such initiatives, growing as a professional translator, and stretching out for new literary horizons!”

comments Yulia Repyakh, MA student, Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature.

To remind, “Perm-Louisville Twin Cities ’Cultural Heritage” Translators ’Competition became a winner project within framework, within the 23rd Perm City Competition of Social Projects “The City is Us”. The Competition was run by the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, Perm State University; Perm English Language Teachers’ Association (PELTA); Perm Krai A.M. Gorky Library; and Perm-Louisville Twin Cities Association.


PSU Gains the Gold Standard Status among Oxford University Partners

The Oxford University has granted PSU the Gold Standard Internship Host sign. For seven years, Perm University has been hosting numerous delegations from Oxford. PSU is confidently competing with leading Russian and world universities – in terms of providing high quality summer courses.  

“In recognition of the support your organization has given our students over the last few years and of the quality of the internship experiences you have provided and maintained, we would like to award you a Gold Standard Internship Host badge for display on your website, should you wish to use it, ”

the Internship Office, Careers Service, University of Oxford wrote to PSU. 

In order to claim for the Oxford reward, a university must meet a variety of criteria, including the quality of feedback from the students, provision of resources for interns, and the total duration of participation in the summer educational programs.

“We have been coordinating the internship program since 2012. During this period, 155 students from Oxford took participated summer schools in various disciplines. We are deeply convinced that academic success is closely related to personal adaptation, especially for students from afar. It is important for us that the guys feel at home, ”

says Lyudmila Kadzhaya, Head of the International Contacts Department, PSU.

PSU is proud to provide Oxford students access to professional laboratory equipment as part of their research – the opportunity undergraduates would rarely enjoy abroad. Acquiring practical skills in Russia helps foreign undergraduates to apply for higher degrees and better jobs back home. 

As a part of off-campus outdoor practices, Oxford students study rare plants and animal species, raft down the local rivers, discover the wildlife and natural landscape of the Western Urals. Besides the course program, PSU offers classes in Russian language, enables contacts with experts in the field of research, shows students them around the city, and assists with living facilities and comfortable settling.  

Summer schools are a great chance to discover a new country. In addition to a variety of cultural events, including theatre plays, art exhibitions, sport matches, our interns get a unique life experience: from living in a dormitory to workshops in national cuisine.”

says Vadim Gataulin, Head of the International Relations Department, PSU.

The Gold Standard Internship Host sign grants PSU the opportunity to present its programs for Oxford students on a priority basis. For the summer 2019, PSU offers 6-week undergraduate courses in computational and theoretical physics, microbiology and pharmaceutical chemistry.

For the first time, students in archive and museum activity will participate summer schools at PSU in 2019: the Museum of History of Perm University offers international interns a unique opportunity to deal with collections of Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and Middle Ages. The Faculty of Philology is expecting interns in Russian language and literature for the autumn 2019 semester. 

COVID-19: Important information

Perm State University regrets to inform you that there has been a coronavirus COVID-2019 outbreak in Russian Federation. 

Perm State University is monitoring the situation closely and we are following advice and guidelines given by the Federal and Regional Authorities of Russian Federation in an attempt to limit and slow down the spread of the virus. We are prepared to implement our contingency plan should the need arise.

Perm State University can assure you that PSU Staff doing all the necessary for providing security to all the students.

Perm State University made all the arrangements for distant (off-campus) education for the students and they can study without any health risk. All PSU’s facilities where international students live are safe.

PSU Team clearly understand that situation with COVID-19 is not very optimistic, but we hope for the better scenario and keep working for distant admission procedure for all candidates. We will continue to review the situation and will update information. 

Find out more information about COVID-19 situation in Perm Region (in Russian)

Kind regards

International Team
Perm State University

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