PhD Student? Get a Grant by Russian Foundation for Basic Research!

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) has published a list of winners of the competition, titled “The Best Projects of Fundamental Research by Young Post-Graduate Scholars”. Eight applications from post-graduate students of Perm State University received support from the Foundation Jury – each of them will receive RUB 1 200 000 ($16 000) for their research.

“It should be noted that this year the RFBR approved all the applications sent by Perm State University. Not only this is a good result, but also an indicator of our young scholars’ progress. Today, PSU graduate students conduct relevant research in photonics, law, chemistry, biology, and experimental physics. A considerable amount of competing research in various fields once again proves that Perm State is moving in the right direction, pushing the science far both on local and national levels,”

comments Sergey Pyankov, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, PSU

Need examples of or inspiration for a grant-awarding activity? In natural sciences, it can be a process of creating miniature lab-on-chips, used in chemical, biological and medical express analyzes and research – the project by one of PSU post-graduates. Another young PSU scholar in humanities conducts a research on information cooperation between the subjects of civil legal relations.

The grants under the RFBR competition are designed for two years. In total, the foundation has supported 1,540 projects from all over Russia. The competition “The Best Projects of Fundamental Research by Young Post-Graduate Scholars” was held for the first time last year. As a result of the competition in 2019, six PSU graduate students were included in the list of winners.

Get more information about the Russian Foundation for Basic Research here.

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