PSU Lawyer Contributes to Copyright Agreements, Internationally

What do we know about streaming media? Delivering content, avoiding breaking the law? How relevant would be the ways of its regulation to state and us, people?

Streaming is known as an alternative to file downloading, a process in which the end-user obtains the entire file for the content before watching or listening to it. The term “streaming media” can apply to media other than video and audio, such as live closed captioning, ticker tape, and real-time text, which are all considered “streaming text”. The legal question of streaming is getting extremely controversial with the development of Internet and norms of copyright, implied in international legislation.

Professor Anton Matveev, Department of Civil Law, Perm State University, has joined the international lawyers group preparing a draft Agreement on Cooperation between the Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The draft aims to protect the rights to objects of copyright and related rights in processing information and telecommunication networks. The agreement had been signed at a meeting of the Council of CIS State Leadersin November, 2021.

The agreement intends to unite efforts of the CIS member states at protecting copyright and allied rights in the Internet format;establish common approaches to related problems in the area, including unified norms of national legislations.

“One of the agreementnovelties, that we proposed, was the provision of Article 7. According to that, reporting about and (or) disclosing the public of objects of copyright and related rightsinvolves the use of such objects as part of radio and (or) television programs, transmitted via Internet resources,”

says Professor Anton Matveev, D.J.S., Faculty of Law, PSU.

“Regardless the fact that streaming becomes most required feature of the modern Internet, neither it is mentioned in our federal legislation, nor it is fixed in global international copyrightagreements – as formal and unambiguous, as it may be. Our efforts are aimed at making it clear that Internet broadcasting resides in the so-called Internet right (the right to address public audience), and not by the powers providing traditional broadcasting, or newly introduced legal authority,”

explains Professor Anton Matveev.

Back in 2016, the development of the draft Agreement had been given to the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property (RGAIS), serving as a basis institution for CIS countries’education, professional upgrade and advanced personnel training in intellectual property. By order of the RGAIS Rector, Professor Anton Matveev from the PSU Civil Law Department has been included in the working team.

PSU Shares Research Experience in Serbia, Leads to Signing of Cooperation Memorandum

Olga Meshcheryakova, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Geology, Perm State University (PSU), has successfully completed a research internship “Environmental Technologies in Karst Areas” at the Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

The participation of PSU has been performed within the framework of the “Rational Subsoil Use” Perm Research and Educational Center – leading to signing of memorandum between two universities.

The internship included lectures and workshops, ‘field’ classes and elements of scientific tourism – allowing to study innovative approaches at solving environmental problems in karst regions. The study methods were aimed at protecting karst landscapes, caves and aquifers from pollution.

As a program participant, Olga Meshcheryakova is known for being keen in various fields of expertise – being an associate professor at the Department of Dynamic Geology and Hydrogeology, and a senior researcher at the Laboratory of Geology of Technogenic Processes, Natural Science Institute, PSU.

The studies in Serbia covered such topics, as the use of underground space for economic purposes, the interaction and prospects within speleology and spelestology. The study discussion acquired to better classification of speleological and spelestological sites on the global scale.

The visits to the Center for Karst Hydrogeology and various research labs helped to broaden the internship program. “During the field practice, we took water samples, measured hydro-chemical and physical parameters of karst waters, and studied karst surfaces,” recollects Olga Meshcheryakova.

Biljana Abolmasov, Dean of the Faculty of Geology and Mining at the University of Belgrade and Olga Meshcheryakova negotiated the signing of the memorandum of cooperation between the faculties. The document implies educational programs for students, joint participation in international grant competitions, as well as running the International Karst Conference at Perm State University in 2024.

PSU Hosts Freie Universität Berlin Officer

On 2-3 December, Mr. Tobias Stüdemann, Freie Universität Berlin – Moscow Office met Perm State University representatives to discuss academic communication and science diplomacy. The expert spoke about the story of Freie Universität Berlin, which promotes the principal value of academic freedom; he also gave practical advice on how to establish and maintain academic contacts with German colleagues. According to Mr. Tobias Stüdemann, successful cooperation between the University and its partners depends on a key ability to correctly present one’s research to international academic community.

During the visit, Mr. Tobias Stüdemann met the team of the Department for Scientific and Innovation Activities to discuss the principles of conducting scientific research in Russia and Germany, as well as the general rules of cooperation with German scholars and specifics of educational process at Freie Universität Berlin. At the end of the event, Mr. Tobias Stüdemann elaborated upon scientific diplomacy in Russia and Germany with the staff of the International Academic Cooperation Office, PSU.

“We are much obliged to Mr. Tobias Stüdemann for sharing a valuable piece of advice on how to effectively collaborate with colleagues from Germany. This will surely help our researchers establish long-term cooperation between Russia and Germany, testing it in joint grant competitions, as teams,”

says Natalya Dobrynina, Head of the International Academic Cooperation Office, PSU.

The visit by the German expert to Perm State University has been organized by the Department of International Academic Cooperation, PSU as part of the Rational Subsoil Use REC, and its international activity, in particular.

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