Falling Walls Lab 2021: Share Insights, Discover Your Prospects

The Falling Walls Lab, a known international blitz conference in popular science takes place on 9 November – to commemorate the fall of the Berlin wall, which stopped dividing people and creative minds in Europe and beyond, for several decades. Breaking the walls metaphorically reflects liberation of ideas. It is indeed a great chance to show the innovative side of your research and find support.

The organizers unite young international researchers in natural sciences and humanities, including art, and help them find attention among global investors, business gurus and newsmakers. 

Each participant is given 3 minutes to present her/his research, business idea or project, using the English language. 3 finalists will receive a cash prize and the opportunity to give their talk on the Falling Walls grand stage. 15 participants will get an opportunity to take part in the business trainings – meeting outstanding experts and coaches, choosing the best business model for their project.

This year, the Conference comprises two events run in hybrid format:   

1-10 November: Berlin Science Week, holding more than 200 events where you can get inspired by innovative research, discuss current issues and exchange experiences. The program features activities on a wide variety of topics, from health and wellness to technical and scientific innovation. Participants are able to choose their favorite topic and join events online.

7-9 November, as the Falling Walls Science Summit ‘2021 finalists present their research and technological decisions, policymakers, researchers and business leaders step in to discuss the global challenges of our time.

Know more about Falling Walls Science Summit ‘2021 here.

More information, links to broadcasts, the program of events and recordings of past lectures of Berlin Science Week can be viewed at the link.

Still skeptical? Find out about the Falling Walls Lab participants from Perm State university, who were able to win and present their ideas in Germany:  

To remind, Perm State University has been both setting and participating the Falling Walls Perm Lab twice, already. Last year, on behalf Perm krai, 28 applications were registered, and 11 participants chosen. In 2020, Ekaterina Stepanova, Associate Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, PSU won the 1st prize with her report “Breaking the Wall of Antimicrobal Resisitance”. Among Top-100 world finalists, Ekaterina enjoyed the opportunity to present her report at the online Grand Finale in Berlin (Germany) – in front of a distinguished Jury. In 2018, another winner from PSU was Irina Barkina, MSci student of the Faculty of Biology, visited Berlin in person.

“By your participation you showed to all of us that there are no walls remaining when people urge to share their ideas and communicate with each other, especially using science. The concept of the Falling Walls is worth sharing and developing because we all want to live in this world peacefully and happily,”

Natalya Dobrynina, Head of International Academic Mobility Office, shared.

Perm State University hosted for the Conference along with the University of Oxford (UK), Stanford University (USA), New York University (USA), ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland), and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Falling Walls Conference. Berlin, 09.11.2019.

PSU and University of Helsinki Will Cooperate in Student Mobility

PSU and University of Helsinki Will Cooperate in Student Mobility 

The Center for Comparative History and Political Studies at Perm State University became a member of the project “Finnish-Russian Network on Area Studies and Methodologies”, funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

The project is aimed at developing cooperation in education – creating joint training courses and support for student mobility. Other participants in the project are University of Helsinki, Higher School of Economics, the European University at Saint Petersburg, as well as National Research Tomsk State University. The project will last till the end of 2023.

The Center for Comparative History and Political Studies (CCHPS) at Perm State University (PSU) is a team of researchers from different regions and countries, employed by the Faculty of History and Politics (Историко-политологический факультет – ИПФ ПГНИУ).

Established in 2012 by a group of PSU and the European University at Saint Petersburg graduates, the Center for Comparative History and Political Studies focuses on interdisciplinary and comparative studies in the field of social sciences, history, and anthropology, open to cooperation with the academic community across the globe. The Center programs enable dialogue between young scholars, creating a competitive academic environment, promoting the “circulation of minds”.

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PSU and University of Lousville Unite for Translators Contest

433 translations have been checked by PSU students and teachers, who performed as jury experts in the Perm City Translators’ Contest – a record amount for the whole venue history. The event was held within the framework of “Perm-Louisville: Twin Cities ’Cultural Heritage” projects, addressing schoolchildren and college students.

Two groups of experts worked on their jury tasks, comprising students of the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature, teachers from four Perm universities, officials of Perm city administration, and the University of Louisville, a long-time partner of Perm State University.

The jury of the first selection round included 20 undergraduate students in Linguistics, as well as 20 graduate and postgraduate students. 23 faculty members and 7 students from the University of Louisville joined them for the second round, to specially name long-time partners Professor Michael Losavio and Thomas Dumstorf, teacher of Russian language and literature.

For the second round, two pieces from a thriller “A is for Aliby” by Sue Grafton were offered for an English-Russian translation, and an excerpt from “The Territory of God” by Yuri Aslanyan, Perm-based author, PSU graduate in Philology – for a Russian-English translation.

“This time, the project attracted 467 participants from our city, which undoubtedly testifies to the growing interest in such events among the youth of Perm, and beyond! Thanks to the city-rooted,  citizen-voiced competitions and projects, PSU students and teachers join the international movement of twinning and peoples’ diplomacy,”

admits Svetlana Polyakova, project coordinator.

“I would like to thank the organizers of the Contest for an excellent opportunity to practice our translation skills – which mean less without practice. I am happy to support such initiatives, growing as a professional translator, and stretching out for new literary horizons!”

comments Yulia Repyakh, MA student, Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature.

To remind, “Perm-Louisville Twin Cities ’Cultural Heritage” Translators ’Competition became a winner project within framework, within the 23rd Perm City Competition of Social Projects “The City is Us”. The Competition was run by the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, Perm State University; Perm English Language Teachers’ Association (PELTA); Perm Krai A.M. Gorky Library; and Perm-Louisville Twin Cities Association.

PSU Speaker Participates Symposium at Oxford Botanic Garden 400th Anniversary

On 22 October, Perm State University (PSU) joined Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum for their celebration of 400th anniversary.  

The international symposium ‘Celebrating Botanic Gardens: Past, Present and Future’ united 26 world renowned speakers from 22 botanic gardens, arboreta, herbaria across the globe – to discuss the vital role botanic gardens play in horticulture research education and conservation, online.

On behalf of Perm State University, Sergei Shumikhin, head of PSU Botanical Garden, took part as a speaker at the Horticulture and Collections session – sharing Perm-based practices of horticulture, research, education and conservation. As Sergei Shumikhin has commented,

“Not only did I spoke for the PSU Botanical Garden, I was privileged to represent my country among the leading professionals across the world. So, in my report I did my best to refer to a whole system of botanical gardens in Russia, mentioning their contribution to our global mission, and its perspective.”

The Symposium reports showed the enormous role of botanical gardens in solving urgent global problems, including climate change and biodiversity conservation under new conditions. The participants expressed admiration about the high level the Symposium organization and its open friendly character.

“It was incredibly nice to see familiar faces and hear their voices – to mention Alex and Helen Coren, Prof. Simon Hiscock, Dr. Bob Price, Dr. Chris Thorogood, Dr. Lauren Baker and many others – with whom our garden has been in friendly and professional connection for many years,”

Sergei Shumikhin shares.

The oldest botanic garden in the UK, Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum has been running a year-long campaign of celebratory activities, explaining the importance of plants to people in the face of global challenges, and the critical role botanic gardens play around the world.

“Two days of the international Symposium proved to be a holiday of science, culture and friendship, which flew in a twinkle of an eye. Bringing at one ‘place’ inspiring speakers resulted in new acquaintances and academic contacts,”

recollects Sergei Shumikhin.

The event was sponsored by Plants, People, Planet and the New Phytologist Foundation.

PSU Celebrates 105th Anniversary

Dear students and teachers, university staff and alumni, friends and international partners, 

Thank you for your multiple warm greetings, words of love and support!  We regard 105th Anniversary a small, yet meaningful step to a brighter future. We are happy to feel your cooperation, growing seeds and sharing fruit of knowledge, on the way!

The amount of knowledge to achieve personal and social progress has been constantly growing over past 100 years. The centennial move has provided us more data and ways to process it than the entire human history. Exploring the world, we create its future and reinvent our better selves.

Perm State University (PSU) has been a live actor of that movement – opening doors to many scientists and teachers, national and international ones, initiating research in a broad variety of disciplines, contributing to success of young and mature professionals. 

Our graduates are lawyers, diplomats, pharmacists, journalists, interpreters, ecologists, economists, IT security and hi-tech specialists, experts in oil industry and resources – the range of professions highly demanded worldwide. The ‘classical’ university provides a unique choice of knowledge, and gives further perspectives for your growth.

According to Quacquarelli Symonds experts (, QS), PSU is included into the list of top 1000 world universities. Along with 48 best universities of Russia, we fit in the league of 500+ higher educational institutions from the countries of emerging economies, upon Times Higher Education (THE, UK) rankings.

By 2021, PSU signed 102 agreements on research and academic cooperation with 87 universities from 25 foreign countries: Abkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Israel, India, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Korea, Macedonia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, UK, USA, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. For several decades, we are proud to be partners of the University of Oxford (UK).

PSU is not merely a study ground, but a place for research, arts and sport activities, and a home for many foreign students.  The University supports summer schools and conferences, scientific exchange and double degree programs, startups and international research groups. We strongly believe that strive for knowledge and peace, mutual understanding and compassion will make the University safer and better. Together, we can make it!

Look forward to hearing from all of you, and get in touch as one Universum!  

PSU Translators Win Twin Cites Contest

PSU students have successfully performed at a regional international Translators ’Competition, contributing to Perm (Russia) and Louisville (USA) twin cities’ link.

15 undergraduate and graduate students from Perm State University are listed among 29 winners in various categories, representing the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature; the Faculty of Law; the Faculty of Economics; and the Faculty of History and Political Science, PSU. The Competition involved 135 students from 8 Perm-based higher institutions. In total, the Organizers’ Committee received 160 pieces, translated; a few participants challenged several translations at once.

Four pieces by contemporary American authors had been offered for the Competition: “A is for Aliby” by Sue Grafton, “Old Muscovy” by Massie Robert and “The Healing” by Gayl Johnes. All authors come from the sister city of Louisville (USA) and represent those writings previously untranslated into Russian. In return, two excerpts from the book “The Territory of God” by Yuri Aslanyan, Perm-based author had been offered for a Russian-English translation part.

The Translators ’Competition became a part of “Perm-Louisville Twin Cities ’Cultural Heritage” framework, within the 23rd Perm City Competition of Social Projects “The City is Us”. The Competition was run by the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, Perm State University; Perm English Language Teachers’ Association (PELTA); Perm Krai A.M. Gorky Library; and Perm-Louisville Twin Cities Association.

Delta State University Invites PSU Patrons for Conference on Blues

On 1-2 October, 2021, Delta State University (DSU, Cleveland, Mississippi, USA) invites Perm State University (PSU, Perm, Russia) to take part in the 8th Annual International Conference on the Blues (ICOB).

The event aims to celebrate the blues art form through scholarly activity, discourse and music, online. In 2021, the Conference is available through the award-winning event and conference platform, Whova. The program starts on Friday 1 October at 7pm local Perm time (5pm Moscow time and 12 noon UTC). Free registration on behalf of PSU is available (see the link below).

The conference’s “Spirit of the Blues” theme explores connections among blues, gospel, and spirituals as interrelated African American music traditions in the Mississippi Delta and beyond. The Spirit of the Blues initiative is supported by a grant, awarded by the National Park Service’s Lower Mississippi Delta Initiative to Delta State’s Delta Center for Culture and Learning

Blues is known as a music genre growing in the Deep South of the US around the 1860s having its roots in African-American folk tradition and spirituals. The primary blues form is famous for its call-and-response pattern, ‘worried notes’ and confession mood. In the 20th century, blues gave birth to a vast variety of genres, including jazz and rock music, and even influenced rap and heavy metal.

The Conference will start with performances connecting the Black gospel tradition to the blues. The afternoon will feature academic presentations, exploring the music of the African diaspora; Black musical traditions and influences on American music and culture; the influence of blues, gospel, spirituals, and soul music; Black music as protest and social commentary; and Black artists and the music industry.

All academic presentations will be recorded and available for on-demand access.

“While live music is best, a positive of the virtual platform is that any registrant will be able to watch the performances, presentations, papers, and keynote addresses in real time and again as many times as they wish through Oct. 31, 2021,”

said conference co-chair Don Allan Mitchell, associate professor of English at Delta State.

Featured performances and presenters of the Conference include: Grammy-nominated Jontavious Willis; the Coahoma Community College Gospel Choir; Rev. Dr. Dwight Andrews, professor of music theory and African American music at Emory University and senior minister of First Congregational Church in Atlanta; Annette Hollowell, attorney, social activist and producer of traditional Black music for live music venues, and many more honorable guests and participants.

Perm State University thanks Delta State University for a kind and friendly offer to join! Online registration is now open to general public at To register on behalf Perm State University for free, please, write to Ms. Svetlana Polyakova, teaching professor at the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literature at

Delta State University has been a partner of Perm State University since 2013. In 2014, three professors at PSU – Dr. Nina Bochkareva, Prof. Elena Gritsenko, Prof. Svetlana Polyakova took place in the 2nd Annual International Conference on the Blues, for the first time, in person. PSU teaching staff actively involves music and arts into teaching process, hence the partnership.

Useful Links:

To learn more about the International Conference on the Blues, view past conferences or register for this year’s event, visit

For questions, please address the Conference organizing Committee at

To register on behalf of Perm State University, please, write to:

Please, read the full press-release here.

Pictures’ Source: Delta State University and

PSU Delegates Report on Work-Based Learning Strategy

The presentation of personnel training in photonics and its application in Russian universities has taken place at the Photonics-2021 exhibition (Moscow, Russia). Perm State University (PSU) PSU shared its experience of work-based learning (WBL) based on interests of industrial partners.

During the presentation, Natalya Dobrynina, Head of the International Academic Cooperation Department, PSU, spoke about the requirements for creating programs based on WBL methods, regarding those challenges its developers have to overcome.

“In our presentation, we intended to demonstrate the benefits of implementing a work-based learning approach taking into account the needs of the employer, university and student. We believe the experience of WBL components in education should be based on successful European practices. The latter have been presented by our partners from Austria, Latvia and Lithuania at the start of the international FlexWBL project. For us, it has been important to get feedback from our industrial partners and partner universities all over Russia,”

Natalya Dobrynina shared.

The Photonics-2021 exhibition took place in Moscow from 30 March to 2 April. The exhibition presented all the trends of modern market in lasers and optoelectronics. The international FlexWBL project is aimed at developing an innovative, practice-oriented training system, with an emphasis on the labor market and interaction with enterprises from different sectors of the economy.

Participate Design Contest, Find New International Partners

Got artistic skills, full of ideas, fancy design? Want to be a part of an international educational project? Interested in both European and Asian partners?

Perm State University announces a Contest on the logo development for the international project Erasmus+ ARTEST!

International Erasmus+ project “ARTEST: Enhancing education programmes in Arts and Humanities via European STEM methods and tools” invites students, teaching staff and employees of the Consortium* to participate in the contest on the project’s logo development.

The goal of the Contest is to develop a logo for the international project ARTEST.

Terms and conditions of participation:

  1. Logos are accepted in .png format with a size of no more than 300 pixels (8 cm) on a side. In addition, authors can send a logo in vector format, keeping all used fonts in curves.
  2. A logo should reflect the following project idea:

The ARTEST project aims to rethink education in humanities in Russia and Mongolia in line with EU standards, research and practices to catch up with the latest trends of the labour market and reinforce education in humanities by adopting digital methods of research and education. The geography of the project connects Europe and Asia, covering countries from Germany to Mongolia. Also, the project connects historical cultural heritage and the latest digital technologies. More information could be found here.

  1. A completed application and a statement of consent to the processing of personal data (Appendices No. 1 and No. 3) with the attachment of the logo in electronic form should be sent to the e-mail address In the subject line, “ARTEST Contest” should be indicated.
  2. Logos are accepted from April, 1 to April 25, 2021.

More detailed information on the terms and conditions of participation could be found in the Regulations (Please, see PDF document attached).

For additional information and questions, feel free to contact the Contest organizers: Dobrynina Natalia, Vetrova Kristina, Peisakhovich In the message subject line, please indicate the “ARTEST question”.

*the Consortium includes:

PSU Students Translate Modern British Prose, Win a Competition

Nine students from Perm State University (PSU) have been announced as winners and distinguished participants of the Regional Translation Competition 2020-2021, launched by the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, PSU.

In total, 409 translations from 337 participants from 54 schools and lyceums, 4 secondary schools and 5 universities of Perm and Perm Territory have been registered for the competition. Other national participants included Primorsky Territory, Karelia, Udmurtia, Khabarovsk and Saratov Territories.

In 2021, the Competition marked the 25th anniversary of Perm-Oxford twin sister relations. The tasks for the contest had been handpicked by Ms. Karen Hewitt, Professor at St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford, a holder of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for establishing academic and cultural links with Russia.

Besides students in Languages and Literature, participants from non-linguistic faculties (to name Geology, Chemistry, Geography, Mechanics and Mathematics), as well as schoolchildren were challenged by modern English authors, previously not translated into Russian: “The Day You Lost Her” by Julia Darling, “Reach” by Rachel Seiffert, “Headlong” by Michael Frayn.

“Thanks to competitions alike, our students and schoolchildren are capable to reveal their creative and translation potential. In addition, the competition helps to better understand contemporary British reality and promote the image of the University as an active participant in the public life of the region,”

notes Svetlana Polyakova, Competition organizer, Associate Professor at the Department of Linguodidactics and the Department of English Language and Intercultural Communication, Perm English Language Teachers’ Association (PELTA).

To remind, Perm-Oxford twin cities relationship started with university exchange as early as 1989. For years, PSU has been hosting numerous delegations from Oxford. Today, Perm State University confidently competes with leading Russian and world universities, providing a variety of English language-related courses and exchange visits, with an assistance by Oxford colleagues. In 2019, the Oxford University has granted PSU the Gold Standard Internship Host sign.

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